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In Tampa - This organization has a few different options to help supply food to those in need. St. Chad's Episcopal Church is proud to be a participating partner.

This can be used to set up bell tower chimes and other music.

Special Paper, Graphics, Boxes etc.

An inexpensive copyright service for songs and lyrics

Publix makes a differenc! They provide day old bakery products to many organizations. It can take quite a long time to get approved, because any organization allowed to pick-up items tends to continue after starting.

Email Marketing: Special pricing for non-profit (501c) organizations.

This site was mentioned on a TV ad as a publishing company that does all the publishing and marketing work for you. We have only ordered a publishing kit at this point.

In Tampa and in other locations they have unique wines available and can do wine "tastings" at your location. You may find a "better" wine for your church!

This is a T-Shirt Iron/Press that is available on the internet. Provides controlled even heat.

Restaurant Depot is located in Tampa. Prices are competitive and the location and hours of operation may be more convenient at times for some organizations.

With this program you can create your own music files and printable music with tablature. The sound can be exported as a .wave file and put into audacity which can then be exported from audacity as an .mp3 file.

These iron on sheets and website can help you make custom T-Shirts.

I built a "Blue Screen" to help in making videos. With the use of special software you can for example put something or someone in the space and put virtually any background behind them.

This site is where we will order stationary boxes from.

This is an example of a "Shelf Stable" box of food that would be good for the homeless. Uses pull top/tear open containers and has plastic forks/spoons etc.

Used to capture and edit audio files. Can export them as .wav or .mp3 with the addition of a companion program called "lame".

Music you can use legally for a subscription of $199.00 per year.

Make "Custom Tee Shirts" and other promotional items for your ministry or business!

This can be used to design and send postcards, flyers and more through the regular postal service.

The Palmer translation is not copyrighted and can be freely used. This site has a lot of different potential resources.

Dr. Neumeier: I use the Palmer translation as a large document to use in my computer class to demonstrate the "Find or Find and Replace functions in Microsoft Word. Students then are also exposed to reading at least some of the Bible and a bit about searching a large document with many unusual names and words. They are not graded on this assignment because my students may be of no faith or many varied faiths.

Create an account and make a fundraising cookbook. They can also do other publishing like coloring books.

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Makes "Word Clouds" This could be an engaging way to engage members of the church in the Bible! 

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