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St. Chad's Episcopal Church 



This is the 3 part puppet theater that is under construction: The left section will hold a TV monitor that can display Power Point and Videos, the center area is for "Hand Puppets", and the right area is a dry erase writing board. It also has a wireless sound system and a control center.



This is the "Blue Screen" with a tripod to record videos. With the proper software videos can be given a variety of backgrounds and edited for later uploading. This area will be used to make college level training videos.


Henry Hippo

Susie Moo


Dr. Neumeier:  At the university where I now work, in my own rented office,  I  am building a puppetry presentation center, children's book development center, and educational materials development center. I often have a need to develop educational materials for all ages including college classes. Any materials developed that are "Christian Based" however are being done in support of the Christian Ministry and in support of Saint Chad's Episcopal Church specifically and other Christian based organizations that may participate in the mission. 


Panda Dan

Kitty Kat


     As a professor at St. Leo University I taught "Music for the Elementary School Teacher" and "Art for the Elementary School Teacher" as part of the many education classes I taught. These two classes however became really great classes to teach. Here you see one of my students making a puppet stage for their future classroom. On this page you will see some other pictures and some of the many puppets that I still have. Our goal here will be  to create Christian based stories that use puppets, but to bring this puppetry mission much more into the modern era of computers. To do this the plan is to use Power Point presentations, Projector systems (Front and Rear Screen), Wireless/Modern Sound Systems, Stage Lighting etc. The plan includes presentations as slide shows online and will include book publication.

      Puppetry has become a bit of a "lost art".  Puppetry is however a key to the creativity and wonder that children see in the world. Teachers can find the use of puppetry in the classroom to be a significant addition to their classroom and to the way children can become expressive. Many churches use puppetry in their mission to teach children about God. Our goal is to raise puppetry into the modern age through the use of technology without loss of the basics.

Dr. Neumeier