​​​St. Chad's Episcopal Church

A Congregation in the Diocese of Southwest Florida

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St. Chad's Episcopal Church 

​Some of the ways we reach the community.

Mary Neumeier (left), receiving an award for her work with Cornerstone Kids. Each week on Wednesday morning she delivers bread and pastry products.

You can now join our "Mailing List" via Text from your phone. Soon we will also have a button on the website as another way to join.

This is our "Free Bread" banner which is on display here every day except when we change to another banner for a Special Event.

This is the tentative ECW 2018 Calendar. Dates may change without much notice so check often - this will be updated here as needed.

This is a "Penny Saver" (local newspaper) that carries our add each week.

This is a door hanger being placed in the community about our programs.

This is a "Business Card" members pass out when they are out in the community.

This is a free ad in the

Penny Saver each week.