​​​St. Chad's Episcopal Church

A Congregation in the Diocese of Southwest Florida

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St. Chad's Episcopal Church 

3) The Community: The community around the church is composed of a mixture of cultures and not affluent. Many are in need of assistance. Through our various programs we do make a difference and this has started to bring into the church some new members.

4) The Website: Dr. Burt Neumeier is now doing most everything on the website and you may have noticed that it is not a "traditional" sort of church website. The goal is to keep it updated, interesting, fun, more modern, inclusive, educational and diverse and to be another ministry itself. Please feel free to email Dr. Neumeier with comments,suggestions etc.


​​Project Progress Update!!!

2) Stationery: MacPaper had forms for us to fill out and be approved first to get an account and they have hundreds of paper choices. 6/6/18 We now have an approved account.

​​Project Progress Update!!!

1) Small technical issues have delayed getting the Bell Tower Chimes from starting in the bell tower and church. This was complicated by one problem being hard to track the wires from the amplifier to the bell tower. We will get this solved.

​​Project/Mission Possibility !!!

4) : I have noticed the many children and adults riding bicycles at night without lights or sufficient lighting. This is a significant safety issue for every community for the bicycle rider and automobile driver. I (Dr. Neumeier) have just sent an email to the company below about quantity purchases of this Flashlight Mount. I will keep you up to date if this turns into a community church mission.

​​Project Progress Update!!!

3) Food Ministry: This is working pretty well at this point.

Sat. in late April or early May 2019 ​The church is having a community yard sale and I thought it might be good to have Helium balloons available for donations. A small tank, helium and the inflator cost about $425.00. Then you can refill the tank as needed.


We, the baptized members of St. Chad's Episcopal Church (Tampa), seek to serve Christ our Savior by bringing knowledge of Him to our community. We will nurture and train our children and adults in the love and knowledge of the Lord. We will do this by sharing in worship, word and sacrament, by inviting all sorts and conditions of people into our fellowship, and by giving of our time, talent, and treasure to bring His healing into our lives and the lives of our neighbors.Together we commit ourselves: To love and care for one anotherTo learn and grow in the faith throughout our lives; To share our resources in furthering God's work; and To serve our community and world as God calls us.

Feb. 2019 We have given away a few clamps and lights. ​​I also plan to contact Harbor Freight about quantity purchases or donations of small but powerful lights for this potential ministry.

​​1) Fundraising: Many churches today face a variety of difficulties in fulfilling the above mission. Your church may have a somewhat different mission statement, but is likely similar. We do have a large number of "Fundraising Events" and yet we maintain our primary mission stated above - A decline in church attendance and a lack of sufficient funding can make it difficult for any church and our church is no exception. As you look at this website, one of our goals is to help other churches that are struggling. Our ideas and projects may not work for you and you may have ideas and projects that would help us. We are stronger together!

​​2) Aging Congregation: Many of our present members are in the "older generation" and our minister just "retired" (May 1). At present we are having new potential full or part time ministers conduct services as part of a process toward getting a part time or permanent full time minister. Obviously funding also is a factor in this process.