​​​St. Chad's Episcopal Church

A Congregation in the Diocese of Southwest Florida

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St. Chad's with Picture and Address

The Stationery

​We are working on "Custom Stationery" with pen & ink drawings of St. Chad's Episcopal Church printed on very special stationary paper, perhaps even pressed flower stationery from Madagascar or another similar location. We may even use our own press to make the stationery!

Not Available at This Time

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Future Payment Method by Credit Card

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These clocks are all the same size and were purchased at Wallmart for just under $4.00. We will take these clocks apart and "re-manufacture" them into a clock with a new clock face which will be pictured here soon. The numbers will be smaller to make more room for new clock face pictures. Complete instructions will eventually be available so you could learn to do this yourself.



You can donate by sending a check directly to:

St. Chad's Episcopal Church

5609 N. Albany

Tampa, FL 33603

Note: You can write on the memo line of the check if you want to have the donation apply to something specific Example: Food Ministry

Gift Shop Item

​Event Ticket/s



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Custom Tee Shirt

​We are working on "Custom Tee Shirt" design with a few different designs. 

Not Available at This Time

The Gift Shop

​     This gift shop will be the location where you can later purchase St. Chad's Embroidered Shirts, Specialty Stationery and more. This shop will only contain the highest quality new and re-manufactured items. It is designed to make it more convenient for church members to donate to receive very special items for their own use or to give as gifts to others. These items are designed specifically for St. Chad's and can not be found anywhere else. This will be especially useful for past church members that may have moved to another location around the country or even the world.

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Pen and Ink With


More Samples Ready - Soon

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