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St. Chad's Episcopal Church 

Ben Pila

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St. Chad's Episcopal Church will be hosting a performance by Ben Pila on the Wednesday before Christmas (December 19th). The concert will start at 6:30 pm and end at about 8:15 pm. During the first 40 min he will play a variety of material in the classical tradition, then there will be a 15 min. break and finally he will play Holiday Music for about 25 min. The advanced ticket/s (suggested donation) is $20.00 per ticket, during the break and after the performance light refreshments will be provided at no cost.

Seating is very limited. Children under the age of 10 must also have a ticket at 1/2 the suggested donation price. Some activities for children will be available in the church hall with "2 Activities Monitors".

Santa may even make a stop!


Children must not be a distraction during the performance. They may participate in activities provided in the church hall. There will be more information about the church hall "activities" for children and adults in the future.

Ben Pila has performed at our church a couple of years ago, with great success and has also performed at one of our Golf Tournaments. Of course he has also performed for the Pope!

Contact Dr. Burt Neumeier for more information.


Cell phone: 813 351-0827

Note: We are strictly limited to 100 tickets, Purchase your tickets early!  If there are any tickets available on the day of the performance they will be $25.00 per ticket suggested donation. 

100 Tickets Originally Available

​    77 Left - (August 19, 2018)

I, (Santa) will be there if possible and I may have some helpers placing gifts, toys, and prizes under the tree for children and adults. We may also have a photographer that will take pictures of children and adults with Santa. (The photographer may charge a fee for this service.)

Children will be allowed to participate in the Church Hall or in the church if they are not a distraction and could join everyone in the Church for the last part of the performance when Ben Pila will be playing Christmas music.

​Note: All children will get a gift under the age of 10, but there are a limited number of prizes/gifts that will be available for adults. Prize values may vary greatly  from $5.00 to $20.00. These prizes will be donated to the Church - these will be new items, but some are not in original packages.